Danish Life Science Law Association

DALILA is an association for Life Science law in Denmark

The Danish Life Science Law Association (commonly known as DALILA) is an independent association whose overall purpose is to spread knowledge of the Danish Life Science sector and its legal issues, as well as to work for and contribute to a high professional standard within advice in and to the sector.

DALILA was founded in January 2019 with the aim of creating a non-political forum independent of corporate interests that works to ensure the best possible conditions for the Life Science sector in Denmark. The Life Science sector is subject to a lot of special regulation, which creates legal challenges of a special nature. In order for the Danish Life Science sector to remain in a leading position, DALILA would like to support and contribute to the exchange of experience on the sector's legal conditions and maintaining a strong legal environment.

The association's members thus include representatives from the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical industries as well as external experts and advisors such as consulting and law firms, who all deal with legal issues within the Life Science sector in Denmark. The association's broad membership is reflected in the association's board of directors, which is responsible for the operation of DALILA.

Anyone with an interest in the Danish Life Science sector and its legal conditions and who otherwise wishes to deal with the subjects for which the association works can become a member of DALILA.

The association works primarily through the professional, social events that the association holds for its members and other interested parties. The association's activities focus on the current or recurring issues facing the Danish Life Science sector. DALILA's events are held in English or Danish, depending on the target group and presenters.

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